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I can't believe I haven't posted here yet this year! I actually have two other blogs that I maintain these days - Nicky and I have a family one, and Milly has her own (I'm fully expecting her to develop a cult following (and possibly a dramatic career in modelling, advertising or similar) completely independently from either of us - everyone loves her!) both of which I've been a little more successful at posting on! Message me if you would like the addresses.

We still love living in the countryside and love being dog owners. We can't wait to start getting this year's veg crops planted in the garden - who knows, we might grow something we can enter into the local agricultural fair! (Probably the rudest shaped carrot or something.) We actually got loads of gardening done this weekend, the weather was so amazing you'd never guess it was still February! Milly also enjoys a spot of gardening - her favourite job is to resize sticks into small pieces so that they fit nicely into the garden waste bin.

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