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Nicky and I both won NaNoWriMo 2011! We have our winners certificates printed out, and are awaiting delivery of our winners t-shirts! Hopefully they'll arrive before we go on holiday next week!

We intended to go to the castle today, but we were cosy inside and it looked like it might rain, so we decided to stay indoors and make handmade Christmas cards all afternoon whilst watching movies. It doesn't get much better than that!

We're actually having a second Christmas celebration with my mum, step dad and granny when we come back from Canada, where all the cards and presents have to be either handmade or part handmade with a £5 limit, so we're going to be busy!

Here's a couple of t-shirts I made this week as Christmas presents for my 8 year old cousin Naomi. They were both very fiddly but fun!

Annoyingly, both of our iPhones broke last week. Nicky's stopped turning on without being plugged in (and after a while not even then) and then a couple of days later I managed to drop mine and smashed the screen. Oops! Nicky went to the genius bar at the apple store and found out that the insides of her phone were completely fried, so she bought a refurbished replacement phone. I sent mine off to one of the iPhone specialist websites to get the screen replaced, which was great except that not having a phone for the few days it took to be sent back was really weird!

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